Hooray for Valentine’s Day…or NOT!

Ahhh, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! I personally love celebrating vday with my hubby and boys.  For the last few years, we’ve made it a family affair.  I make a nice candlelit dinner, complete with wine (cider for the boys) and dessert.  We love it and look forward to it each year.

Our way of celebrating is just one way it’s done.  Some people plan extravagant date nights with their significant others and some plan a night out on the town with a group of friends.  Let’s not forget about those that HATE VDay.  Some people  think that “Cupid is Stupid”. LOL! Either way you look at… whether you’re PRO or Anti vday…here’s a little digital art just for you! #smooches










Cute, huh? 🙂  How do you spend Valentine’s Day? Do you love or hate it?

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Teachers Rule!

The last few weeks have been awesome for my 7th grader. He has a new teacher that GETS IT.  This guy is amazing!  Not only does this teacher have a passion for teaching kids, he also has the gift of being able to make learning fun for the children in his class.  Let’s be honest here…engaging a bunch of 7th grade boys and girls is no easy feat! I’m really happy though that this teacher is able to send my child home everyday with a smile on his face and a story to tell about his exciting day of learning in Mr. Hubbard’s class.

Jalen’s excitement has been contagious! It’s inspired me to add a section to this blog for teachers.  In this section, I’ll periodically add artwork and other fun & FREE documents that teachers can use in the classroom. I hope that these items will help teachers like Mr. Hubbard continue to provide an exciting and cool learning environment for their students everywhere.

If you’re a teacher reading this blog….KUDOS to you for ALL YOU DO! Your hard work is admired and appreciated! Enjoy this artwork below to hang in your classroom!! 🙂


Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

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Will You Be My Valentine?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d spend a little time designing a few new items for the Etsy store.  Valentine’s Day is such a sweet day to me and it’s also a great chance to show the people you love just how much.  Here are a few designs to make it a sweet day for you too!

Owl Theme Valentine's Day Clipart

Owl Theme Valentine’s Day Clipart

Personalized "Owl Always Love You" Valentine's Day Card

Personalized “Owl Always Love You” Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine's Day Digital Paper. Great for Scrapbookers and those looking to design their own cards.

Valentine’s Day Digital Paper Pack. Great for Scrapbookers and those looking to design their own cards.

Valentine's Day Gift Tags

Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Valentine's Day Clipart

Valentine’s Day Clipart

Valentine's Day Digital Paper. Great for Scrapbookers and those looking to design their own cards.

Valentine’s Day Digital Paper Pack. Great for Scrapbookers and those looking to design their own cards.

Valentine's Day Tags

Valentine’s Day Tags/Sweet Treat

Here’s a cute way to use those Valentine’s Day tags.  This mason jar filled with M&M’s would make super cute teacher gift!  Tags and other items can be found in the ETSY store @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/KLPPartyDesigns?ref=hdr_shop_menu

What are your plans for celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?


In my house, we love the Super Bowl! It’s a great time to get together with friends and family, enjoy a game and mostly (for me anyway) a good meal. LOL! If you’re planning a Super Bowl party and need a cute way to tell your friends all about it..take a look at the invites that are now available in the Etsy store.



These are super cute and were fun to make.  I hope you guys enjoy your Super Bowl parties!  What are your plans?

Put on your cape, LET’S CELEBRATE!

Being a mother of two boys, I love every thing with a super hero theme!  Recently, I received a custom order request for super hero themed cupcake toppers and thank you tags on ETSY.  I decided to also design an invitation to put to match the theme with a similar color scheme.  Aren’t they all just adorable?


 Custom made birthday invitation.


Custom made thank you tags and cupcake toppers for an Etsy order.  Super cute!

What themes do you love for little or big boy parties?

Hey, it’s me…KLP!

Hey there folks! My name is Katrina L. Prater of KLP Party Designs.  As a mother of two growing boys, I’m constantly planning birthday parties, sleepovers, sending teacher appreciation gifts to school amongst a host of other things.  When I plan these things, I like to add a little special touch to each occasion.  I decided to learn how to make digital designs so that I could stop paying for them…good thinking huh?  So eventually that led to the beginning of KLP Party Designs!  I now have an online store with ETSY, where I sell my digital designs.  YAY!

Are you wondering how I landed here? Well, I’ve always wanted to blog…aren’t bloggers just super cool.  To me they are like, online rock stars! So, the KLP Party Designs blog will be a great place for me to share my designs, let me creative juices flow and become a ROCK STAR…at least in my own eyes.

I hope you enjoy!  Be sure to check out our online store on ETSY @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/KLPPartyDesigns?ref=hdr_shop_menuKLP.

A few samples of my work:

il_570xN.555840881_ahly il_570xN.555813846_hhui il_570xN.555853025_c6xz il_570xN.555931959_qokr il_570xN.557250905_noih il_570xN.556612317_ewqq