Teachers Rule!

The last few weeks have been awesome for my 7th grader. He has a new teacher that GETS IT.  This guy is amazing!  Not only does this teacher have a passion for teaching kids, he also has the gift of being able to make learning fun for the children in his class.  Let’s be honest here…engaging a bunch of 7th grade boys and girls is no easy feat! I’m really happy though that this teacher is able to send my child home everyday with a smile on his face and a story to tell about his exciting day of learning in Mr. Hubbard’s class.

Jalen’s excitement has been contagious! It’s inspired me to add a section to this blog for teachers.  In this section, I’ll periodically add artwork and other fun & FREE documents that teachers can use in the classroom. I hope that these items will help teachers like Mr. Hubbard continue to provide an exciting and cool learning environment for their students everywhere.

If you’re a teacher reading this blog….KUDOS to you for ALL YOU DO! Your hard work is admired and appreciated! Enjoy this artwork below to hang in your classroom!! 🙂


Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

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